Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Most recently I bought a house and I was looking to purchase some new items for my home. As I started my shopping instead of looking for new furniture or decorative pieces, I found myself looking at energy saving light bulbs, low flow faucets, and a new thermostat. I was focusing on how I can make my home more environmentally friendly and with that I started to realize the impact my daughter has had on me and my mindset to be more environmentally conscious.  Educating me a little here and a little there and introducing new eco-friendly items and ideas into my life. I started to see that I was being changed for the better and I was learning to do my small part in making this a better planet.

The younger generation is now being brought up on conserving and being more earth friendly. You are seeing that more and more in the new green products coming out each day or the ways individuals are looking to recycle, reuse, and reduce. As I sat back and thought some more, I continued to realize that I was now subconsciously doing little things each day, as part of my habits, that are helping the planet. For example, I bring my lunch each day to work, and I used to store everything in plastic baggies and a brown paper bag. Everything was a one-use product. Now I bring my lunch in reusable containers and reusable food-safe, PVC-free, lead-free and BPA-free bags. The amount of plastic sandwich bags I have stopped using blows my mind. I also changed cleaning products to more natural, earth friendly products. I do my part in composting, recycling, donating and trying to reuse items I already have instead of purchasing more stuff. I have reduced my landfill garbage down to less than one bag a week and I am always working to try and make it even less! Each room I see something that has been added or changed to reduce my carbon footprint. From energy efficient light bulbs, to earth friendly cleaning products, low flow faucets and shower heads, to purchasing home grown fruits and vegetables. 

Ten to fifteen years ago I wouldn’t have thought of any of these things, but now I see the effects I have in my decisions and habits on our children’s and grandchildren’s future.  I am finding it fun and exciting trying to become more efficient and learning new things to help reduce, recycle and reuse. I am grateful for lessons I have learned and looking forward to continuing to grow in doing my part to educate and be more educated on ways I can help save my little section of the world.  It is never too late to learn to be more earth friendly, and with an open mind, an old dog can learn new tricks.