The Benefits of House Plants

Indoor house plants can bring a whole new design element to your home decor. They add color, texture and are just overall pleasant to look at, but they also provide so much more than just being beautiful. Through several studies, it has been found that indoor plants help the human body both physically and mentally.

Having plants in your home or office building has a lot of important mental health benefits. A study published in the journal of Physiological Anthropology found that indoor plants can make humans feel more comfortable, soothed and natural. These more comfortable feelings led researchers to find that passive viewing of plants can help reduce both physiological and psychological stress. These studies have demonstrated that a human’s mental well-being can be significantly improved when plants are added in the home, especially for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, dementia or other conditions. Not only do plants help with the reduction of stress, but they are also proven to help increase productivity, creativity and pain tolerance. Research has revealed that people recuperating from several kinds of surgery, illnesses and injuries have needed less pain medication and had shorter hospital stays than people who were not looking at live plants during their time of recovery.

Along with great mental benefits, plants can be very beneficial to the health of our physical bodies. Plants contribute to cleaner and healthier air for us to breathe. The roots and soil of houseplants significantly reduced airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are several plants that are known to be most effective in freshening our air, including: Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, Rubber Tree, Spider Plant and Ficus Tree. Research has also shown that plant foliage can increase the relative humidity of an interior space to a healthier, more comfortable level. 

Indoor plants are not only a gorgeous home decoration, but are also beneficial to our mental and physical health. It may not be a bad idea to add a few plants to your home!

What you purchase has an impact, so make a thoughtful choice.