About Us

Potted Bloom was founded by Brie Freeman, a young woman with a passion for trying to make our world a better place. After receiving her Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science, Brie knew she wanted to find different ways to support the environment and educate individuals to make more environmentally conscious choices. This inspired her to develop a shop focused around thoughtful consumption, where all products are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Our choices, as consumers, have social, economic and environmental impacts, so it's important that we use our purchasing power to ensure that they are positive impacts.

Our mission, at Potted Bloom, is to make accessing eco-friendly and socially responsible products and home décor as easy as possible, so consumers can feel good about what they are putting in their homes and what they are doing for the planet. Not only can customers feel good about how our products are made, but also with every purchase Potted Bloom is giving back to charities who support the protection and regrowth of the earth's natural environments. 

Make the choice to do good for the earth, for people and for you.